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© Copyright Paul Crispin - photograph of British soldiers in Belfast during 1986

Note by the Photographer

I was born 21st June 1962 and lived in various places in and around Southport until I joined the British Army at 16 in September1978. After various tours of Northern Ireland and Germany, I was selected for commission and fighting in the Gulf War. I later decided to leave the army and try my chances in the grown-up world.

I demobbed in October 1993 and moved to Mölln near Hamburg. In early 1996 I was offered the job as Course Manager at Golfclub Schloss Weitenburg, a golf course down the road from where we (my wife and I) now live in Rottenburg-Obernau. I worked there for 6 years and in 2002 was headhunted by a Dutch golf supply firm to setup a new greenkeeping division. Due to a multitude of reasons we parted company in the October of that year, so I decided to go it alone and set up my own company, International Course Management, ICM.

I have since folded the company and have decided to pursue my dream of earning a living as a photographer with emphasis on photojournalism. I have given myself - or should I say, my wife has given me - until early next year (2008) to see if this is realistic career option.

My main hobbies are: Golf (naturally); Motorbike racing; photography; skiing and reading. My lifetime's ambition is to be a war photographer (photojournalist) and would gladly drop everything to pursue this goal. So if there are any publishers / editors / agents out there that need a foolhardy Englander, then get in touch; NOW!

Paul Crispin, October 2007.




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