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'Bloody Sunday', Derry 30 January 1972
- Names of the Dead and Injured

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Page Compiled : Martin Melaugh
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This page provides lists of those killed and injured on 'Bloody Sunday' (30 January 1972) in Derry. The information has been compiled from a number of sources.


List of those killed
    Patrick ('Paddy') Doherty (31)

    Gerald Donaghey (17)

    John ('Jackie') Duddy (17)

    Hugh Gilmour (17)

    Michael Kelly (17)

    Michael McDaid (20)

    Kevin McElhinney (17)

    Bernard ('Barney') McGuigan (41)

    Gerald McKinney (35)

    William ('Willie') McKinney (26)

    William Nash (19)

    James ('Jim') Wray (22)

    John Young (17)

    John Johnston (59)
    John Johnson was shot twice on 30 January 1972 and died on 16 June 1972. His family is convinced that he died prematurely and that his death was due to the injuries received and trauma he underwent on 'Bloody Sunday'.


List of those injured (from gunfire unless otherwise stated)
    Michael Bradley (22)

    Michael Bridge (25)

    Alana Burke (18) (injured when run down by a British Army armoured personnel carrier)

    Patrick Campbell (53) (injured when run down by a British Army armoured personnel carrier ?)

    Margaret ('Peggy') Deery (37) (the only woman shot and injured on 'Bloody Sunday')

    Damien Donaghy (15)

    Joseph ('Joe') Friel (20)

    Daniel Gillespie (31) (not mentioned in Widgery's Tribunal Report)

    Joseph Mahon (16)

    Pius McCarron (30?) (injured by masonry dislodged by a bullet)

    Patrick McDaid (24)

    Daniel McGowan (37)

    Alexander ('Alex') Nash (52)

    Patrick ('Paddy') O'Donnell (41)

    Michael Quinn (17)


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