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'Bloody Sunday', Derry 30 January 1972
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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh and Fionnuala Mckenna
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This is a draft list of some of the source material used in the section on 'Bloody Sunday'. It contains a selection of books, official reports, journal articles, newspaper articles, photographs, posters, web sites, television documentaries, and film dramas.
In addition to the list below, see also those items related to Bloody Sunday in the CAIN bibliography.



image of book cover Civil Rights Movement. (1972). Massacre at Derry. Derry: Civil Rights Movement. ... [3093]

image of book cover Conway, Brian. (2010). Commemoration and Bloody Sunday: Pathways of Memory, (Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ... [16700]

image of book cover Daly, Edward. (2000). Mister, Are You A Priest? Dublin: Four Courts Press. ... [4220]

Dash, Samuel. (1972). Justice Denied: A Challenge to Lord Widgery's Report on 'Bloody Sunday'. London: Liberty. ... [2642]

image of book cover Faus, Jennifer. (2008). Before Sunday: The Life Stories of the Bloody Sunday Victims. Dublin: Nonsuch Publishing. ... [16701]

image of book cover Grimaldi, Fulvio. (1972, 1998). Blood in the Street. Derry: Guildhall Press. [First published in March 1972 by Peoples' Democracy and Lotta Continua. Republished in 1998 by Guildhall Press.] ... [13425]

image of book cover Hayes, P., and Campbell, J. (2005). Bloody Sunday Trauma Pain and Politics, London: Pluto Press. ... [6945]

image of book cover Herron, Tom., and Lynch, John. (2008). After Bloody Sunday: Representation, Ethics, Justice. Cork: Cork University Press. ... [16324]

image of book cover McCann, Eamonn. (ed) (2005). The Bloody Sunday Inquiry: The Families Speak Out. London: Pluto Press. ... [16702]

image of book cover McCann, Eamonn., and Shiels, Maureen. (eds.) (1992). Bloody Sunday in Derry: What Really Happened. Dingle: Brandon Books. ... [4235]

image of book cover McClean, Raymond. (1983). The Road to Bloody Sunday. Swords: Ward River. ... [1199]

image of book cover Mullan, Don. (1997). Eyewitness Bloody Sunday. Dublin: Wolfhound. ... [2647]

image of book cover Museum of Free Derry. (2009). Bloody Sunday in Pictures. Derry: Museum of Free Derry. ... [16703]

image of book cover O'Brien, Joanne. (2002). A Matter of Minutes: The Enduring Legacy of Bloody Sunday. Dublin: Wolfhound Press. ... [12900]

image of book cover Pringle, Peter., and Jacobson, Philip. (2000). 'Don't move, pretend you're Dead', chapter 10 in, Those are real bullets, aren't they? London: Fourth Estate. ... [3989]

image of book cover Walsh, Dermot P.J. (2000). Bloody Sunday and the Rule of Law in Northern Ireland. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. ... [3909]

image of book cover Ziff, Trisha. (ed) (1998). Hidden Truths: Bloody Sunday 1972. Smart Art Pr. ... [16704]


Government Reports

Bloody Sunday Inquiry. (2010). The Report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, [Saville Report], (HC 29-I - HC 29-X, Volumes 1-10), (released 15 June 2010). London: The Stationery Office.
[This report now supersedes the report of the first Bloody Sunday Inquiry (Widgery Inquiry) in 1972.]
See also: Chapter list of the Report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry; and
                CAIN Guide to the Hearings of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry (1998-2005)

Great Britain. Parliament. (1972). Report of the Tribunal appointed to inquire into the events on Sunday, 30th January 1972, which led to loss of life in connection with the procession in Londonderry on that day, [Widgery Report]., (HC 220), (18 April 1972). London: HMSO. ... [2281]
[This report is now superseded by the report of the second Bloody Sunday Inquiry (Saville Inquiry) in 2010; see above.]

Irish Government. (1997). The Irish Government's Assessment of the Widgery Report and the New Material Presented to the British Government in June 1997. Dublin: Irish Government. ... [16705]


Government Public Records

proni on cain PRONI records related to Bloody Sunday

nai on cain NAI records related to Bloody Sunday


Journal Articles

Baumann, Marcel M. (2009). 'Transforming conflict toward and away from violence: Bloody Sunday and the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland', Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, Vol.2, No.3, November 2009, pp.172-180. ... [16706]
DOI: 10.1080/17467580903440247

Bew, Paul. (2005). The role of the historical adviser and the Bloody Sunday Tribunal, Historical Research, Vol.78, No.199, pp.113-127. ... [9048]
DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2281.2005.00240.x

Bierman, John. (1972). 'The Widgery Report', The Listener, 27 April, pp536-537. ... [2648]

Blaney, Aileen. (2007). 'Remembering Historical Trauma in Paul Greengrass's Bloody Sunday', History & Memory, Vol.19, No.2, Fall/Winter 2007, pp.113-138. ... [16707]
DOI: 10.1353/ham.2007.0014

Conway, Brian. (2003). Active Remembering, Selective Forgetting, and Collective Identity: The Case of Bloody Sunday, Identity, Vol.3, Issue 4 October 2003, pp.305-323. ... [9047]
DOI: 10.1207/S1532706XID0304_01

Conway, Brian., Spillman, Lyn. (2007). Texts, Bodies, and the Memory of Bloody Sunday. Symbolic Interaction, Vol.30, No.1, pp.79-103. ... [10920]

Conway, Brian. (2008). Local conditions, global environment and transnational discourses in memory work: The case of Bloody Sunday (1972), Memory Studies, Vol.1, No.2, pp.187-209. ... [16555]
DOI: 10.1177/1750698007088385

Dawson, Graham. (2005). 'Trauma, Place and the Politics of Memory: Bloody Sunday, Derry, 1972 - 2004', History Workshop Journal, Vol.59, No.1, Spring 2005, pp.221-250. ... [10055]

George, David. (1972). 'Widgery waives the rules', New Statesman, Vol.83, No.2145, 28 April, pp547-548. ... [2649]

Grogan, Dick. (1972). 'Widgery through Irish eyes', New Statesman, Vol.83, No.2137, 3 March, pp259-260. ... [2650]

Hayes, P., and Campbell, J. (2000). 'Dealing With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Psychological Sequelae of Bloody Sunday and the Response of State Services', Research on Social Work Practice, Vol.10, No.6, pp.705-721. ... [9021]

Herron, Tom., and Lynch, John. (2006). 'Like 'Ghosts who'd Walked Abroad': Faces of the Bloody Sunday Dead', Visual Culture in Britain, pp.59-77. ... [16708]

Holland, Mary. (1973). 'A year after Bloody Sunday', New Statesman, Vol.85, No.2185, 2 February, pp.149-150. ... [4906]

Lynch, John. (2006). 'Turbulent Times: Bloody Sunday and the Civil Rights Movement', Journal for Cultural Research, Vol.10, No.3, July 2006, pp.275-291. ... [11211]
DOI: 10.1080/14797580600848146

Maxton, Hugh. (1998). 'Bloody Sunday Revisited: Hugh Maxton retrieves his diary of the march', London Review of Books, Vol.20, No.3, p.19. ... [4907]

McNulty, Margaret. (2004). 'The Wound That Never Healed': Bloody Sunday and the Local Press, Fortnight, No.426 (Jun., 2004), pp.14-15. ... [16709]

n.a. (1972) 'Derry made its mind up long before Widgery', The Economist, Vol.243, No.6713, 2 April, p63. ... [4908]

n.a. (1972) Derry: Is there any case for Contempt? New Statesman, Vol.83, No.2137, 3 March, p264. ... [4909]

Ó Dochartaigh, Niall. (2010). Bloody Sunday: Error or Design?, Contemporary British History, Vol.24, No.1, March 2010, pp.89-108. ... [16710]
DOI: 10.1080/13619460903565531

Parker, Tony. (1992). 'Bloody Sunday remembered', New Statesman and Society, Vol.5, No.186, 24 January, pp.11-13. ... [2651]

Shevlin M., and McGuigan K. (2003). The long-term psychological impact of Bloody Sunday on families of the victims as measured by The Revised Impact of Event Scale, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol.42, No.4, November 2003 , pp.427-432(6). ... [8991]
DOI: 10.1348/014466503322528955

McGuigan K., and Shevlin M. (2003). Longitudinal Changes in Posttraumatic Stress in Relation to Political Violence (Bloody Sunday), Traumatology, Vol.XX, No.X, pp.1-6. ... [16711]
DOI: 10.1177/1534765609347546

Tereschuk, David. (1972). 'Aftermath in Derry', New Statesman, Vol.83, No.2133, 4 February, pp131-132. ... [2653]

Watkins, Alan. (1972). 'Oh, What a lovely massacre', New Statesman, Vol.83, No.2133, 4 February, p134. ... [16712]

White, G.D. (2006). 'Quite a Profound Day': The Public Performance of Memory by Military Witnesses at the Bloody Sunday Tribunal, Theatre Research International, Vol.31, No.2, pp.174-187. ... [13602]

Woods, Scott M. (2003). An Analysis of Bloody Sunday, The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Vol.5, No.1, Summer, pp.1-6. ... [16713]


Other Publications

Blair, Tony. (1998). Statement by Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, establishing the new Inquiry, (29 January 1998). London: House of Commons. ... [16714]

Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign. (1997). Bloody Sunday: A Miscarriage of Justice. Derry: Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign. (phamphlet). ... [4910]

British Irish Rights Watch. (1994). Submission to the United Nations' Special Rapporteur on Summary and Arbitrary Executions: The Murder of 13 Civilians by Soldiers of the British Army on 'Bloody Sunday', 30 January 1972. London: British Irish Rights Watch. ... [2970]

Derry Irish Republican Socialist Party. (1978). Sunday Bloody Sunday. Derry: Starry Plough Publications. ... [3846]

Lennon, Kieran., and Lennon, Gerry. (1998). Bloody Sunday. Newry: The Ancient Order of Hibernians Div.284. (phamphlet). ... [4912]

McCann, Eamonn. (1972). What Happened in Derry. London: A Socialist Worker Pamphlet. ... [7881]

Mullan, Don. (ed.) (1997). The Breglio Report: with Dr. Raymond McClean's Medical Report. Derry: Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign. (phamphlet). ... [4913]

Murphy, Michael A. (1985). "Bloody Sunday": A Watershed. Belfast: Queen's University Belfast. (MSSc Thesis, Irish Political Studies). ... [2643]

Saville, Mark. (1998) Opening Statement of The Bloody Sunday Inquiry, by Lord Saville, (3 April 1998). Derry: The Bloody Sunday Inquiry. ... [6607]

Walsh, Dermot P.J. (1997). The Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry: A Resounding Defeat for Truth, Justice and the Rule of Law (a report commissioned by the Bloody Sunday Trust). Derry: The Bloody Sunday Trust. ... [3042]


National Newspaper Articles (Examples)

Holland, Mary., and Deeley, Peter. (1972). 'Widgery Tribunal (1) Riddles of Bloody Sunday', Observer, 19 March, pp6-7. ... [4914]

Mullane, Dermot., and Joyce, Joe. (1972). 'Summing up of Widgery evidence ends', The Irish Times, 21 March, p.8. ... [4915]

McCrystal, Cal. (1992). 'In cold blood', Independent Magazine, 18 January, pp20-29. ... [4916]

Pringle, Peter. (1972). 'Ulster's blackest day: 30 January 1972', Sunday Times Magazine, 18 June, p34. ... [4917]

Sunday Times Insight Team. (1972). 'Insight on Bloody Sunday: the decision to put civilians at risk', Sunday Times, 23 April, pp15-18. ... [4918]

Taylor, Peter. (1992). 'Bloody Sunday: an open wound', Sunday Times Magazine, 26 January, pp16-23. ... [4919]


Television Documentaries

'Bloody Sunday' (Secret history series), London: Channel 4, 1991.

'Bloody Sunday, 1972: Whose point of view?' [includes interviews with eye-witnesses], Educational Audio Visual, 1973.

'Bloody Sunday - Two sides of the story' [Bogsiders and paratroopers are interviewed], This Week, Thames Television, 3 February 1972.

'Derry - Time to remember?' [Fifth anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'], This Week, Thames Television, 3 February 1977.

'Remember Bloody Sunday' Inside Story, BBC1, 28 January 1991.

See also:Peter Heathwood Collection of Television Programmes



Deane, Seamus. (1972). 'After Derry, 30 Januarry 1972', in, Gradual Wards. Irish University Press.

Heaney, Seamus. (1979). 'Causualty', in, Field Work. London: Faber & Faber.

Kinsella, Thomas. (1972). Butcher's Dozen. Dublin: Elo Press. ... [4911]


Film Dramas

'Bloody Sunday' [Details]

'Sunday' [Details]



Some photographs related to 'Bloody Sunday'.


Audio Clips

Some audio clips



Some posters advertising commemoration events



Map (1) of general area, in, Great Britain. Parliament. (1972). Report of the Tribunal appointed to inquire into events on Sunday 30th January 1972. [Widgery Report, HC 220] London: HMSO.

Map (2) of general area, in, Civil Rights Movement. (1972). Massacre at Derry. Derry: Civil Rights Movement.

Map (3) of main area of shooting, in, McCann, Eamonn. (1972). What Happened in Derry. London: A Socialist Worker Pamphlet.


Web Sites

BBC Northern Ireland: In Depth Bloody Sunday Inquiry {external_link}
... includes reports on the hearings at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign {external_link} - [link currently not working]

Bloody Sunday Inquiry {external_link}; site not working properly.
Another version of the site is available from the National Archives
... includes daily transcripts of the hearings at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Bloody Sunday Trust {external_link}

British Irish RIGHTS WATCH {external_link}
... weekly summaries of the hearings at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Derry Journal (newspaper) {external_link} - Section on Bloody Sunday - [link currently not working]

Guardian Special Report on Bloody Sunday {external_link}
... includes links to Guardian coverage of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Hidden Truths Bloody Sunday {external_link} Exhibition of Photographs

Remembering Bloody Sunday {external_link}- [link currently not working]


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