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Sunningdale - Members of the 1974 Executive

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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh

The following information is from:
Anderson, D. (1994), '14 May Days: The Inside Story of the Loyalist Strike of 1974'. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan Ltd. Page 8.

1 January 1974.

New Northern Ireland Executive was sworn in by Francis Pym, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

The members of the Executive were:

Chief Executive, Brian Faulkner (Unionist);
Deputy Chief Executive, Gerry Fitt (SDLP);
Legal Minister and Head of the Office of Law Reform, Oliver Napier (Alliance);
Minister of Information, John Baxter (Unionist);
Minister of the Environment, Roy Bradford (Unionist);
Minister of Housing, Local Government and Planning, Austin Currie (SDLP);
Minister of Health and Social Service, Paddy Devlin (SDLP);
Minister of Commerce, John Hume (SDLP);
Minister of Finance, Herbert Kirk (Unionist);
Minister of Education, Basil Mclvor (Unionist);
Minister of Agriculture, Leslie Morrell (Unionist).

There were four other ministers who were part of the administration but not in the Executive itself. They were:

Community Relations, Ivan Cooper (SDLP);
Planning and Co-ordination, Edward McGrady (SDLP);
Manpower Services, Robert Cooper (Alliance);
Chief Whip, Major Lloyd Hall-Thompson (Unionist).

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