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The Sunningdale Agreement - A Selected Reading List

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Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna and Martin Melaugh
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The following is a DRAFT list of selected reading material on the Sunningdale Agreement, 6-9 December 1973. The reader should also consult the CAIN bibliography for other references to this event.


Key Texts

Bloomfield, Kenneth. (1994). Stormont in Crisis: A Memoir. Belfast: Blackstaff. ... [146]

British Government, Irish Government, and the Northern Ireland Executive designate. (1973). 'The Sunningdale Agreement': Tripartite agreement on the Council of Ireland - Communiqué issued following the Sunningdale Conference, (9 December 1973).. Belfast: Northern Ireland Information Service. ... [12914]

Farren, Sean. (2007). Sunningdale: an agreement too soon?. Dublin: Institute for British-Irish Studies (IBIS), University College Dublin.. ... [18941]

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Rees, Merlyn. (1985). Northern Ireland: A Personal Perspective. London: Methuen. ... [1604]

Revolutionary Marxist Group. (1975). British Strategy in Northern Ireland, from the White Paper to the Fall of Sunnningdale. Dublin: Plough Book Service. ... [4939]


General Reference Texts

Bardon, Jonathan. (1992). A History of Ulster. Belfast: Blackstaff Press. ... [2636]

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Sutton, Malcolm. (2001). Sutton Index of Deaths, 1969-2001, (A searchable database of information on all the deaths that occurred as a result of the conflict). CAIN: ... [13871]

Whyte, John. (1990). Interpreting Northern Ireland. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ... [1909]

See also the list of source material that will be used in the main web pages on the Sunningdale Agreement.


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