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The Sunningdale Agreement - Details of Source Material

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Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna and Martin Melaugh
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This is a draft (1) version of some of the source material used in the section on the Sunningdale Conference on Northern Ireland, from the sixth to the ninth of December 1973. It contains a selection of journal and newspaper articles which have been published over the years, and a list of other publications including books and reports. The reader may also want to consult the CAIN bibliography for further information.



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Journal Articles

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Government Records

PRONI Records on CAIN related to Sunningdale: proni on cain

NAI Records on CAIN related to Sunningdale: proni on cain


Government Reports

British Government, Irish Government, and the Northern Ireland Executive designate. (1973). 'The Sunningdale Agreement': Tripartite agreement on the Council of Ireland - Communiqué issued following the Sunningdale Conference, (9 December 1973). Belfast: Northern Ireland Information Service.

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Other Publications

Cunningham, Michael J. (1991). "The Labour Administration 1970-74", in British Government Policy in Northern Ireland 1969-1989, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1991.

National Newspaper Articles

Downey, James. (1973). 'Parties assemble for Tripartite Talks', The Irish Times, 6 December, pp.1 and 10.

Downey, James. (1973). 'Council of Ireland gets priority at Talks: Leaders state their aspirations on tripartite conference's first day', The Irish Times, 7 December, pp.1 and 10.

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Fisk, Robert. (1973). 'Cold blast of Loyalist opposition greets Mr. Faulkner after Sunningdale Ageement', The Times, 10 December, p.2.

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25 November 1973, Weekend World, (ITV).
[Main item: recent history of Northern Ireland leading to Power-Sharing Executive, plus poll on power-sharing].

24 January 1974, 'The Price of Peace - The Loyalist', This Week, (ITV).
[First part of a two-part investigation of prospects for the Power-Sharing Executive - Loyalists].

31 January 1974, 'The Price of Peace - Catholics of Divis Flats', This Week, (ITV).
[Second part of a two-part investigation of prospects for the Power-Sharing Executive - Catholics].

30 May 1974, 'The Experiment that Failed', This Week, (ITV).
[Interview with Faulkner].

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