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Photograph by William L. Rukeyser taken on
'Bloody Sunday' - Photograph 15

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Photograph: © William L. Rukeyser ... Page Design: Martin Melaugh

Information on photograph displayed below
Title of Photograph:A dead victim (Bernard 'Barney' McGuigan ?) soon after the shooting - Photograph 15
Photographer:William L. Rukeyser
Date Photograph Taken:30 January 1972 ('Bloody Sunday')
Location of Photograph:Beside the Rossville Flats, Rossville Street, Bogside, Derry
Copyright Conditions:© William L. Rukeyser - Permission is granted for personal purposes and for academic purposes in schools or colleges
Camera / Technical Details: Nikon F 35mm camera; 85mm Nikkor lens; Ektachrome High Speed (160 ASA) film


Photograph © William L. Rukeyser
'Bloody Sunday', 30 January 1972
A dead victim (Bernard 'Barney' McGuigan ?) soon after the shooting

photograph copyright of William L. Rukeyser - photograph is one of a series taken on Bloody Sunday in Derry 30 January 1972

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