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Text and Research: Martin Melaugh
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The following is a draft list of source materialon the topic of commemoration in Northern Ireland.

Index of Deaths by Sutton

List of Source Material

Books and Reports

Bloomfield, Kenneth. (1998) 'We Will Remember Them': Report of the Northern Ireland Victims Commissioner Sir Kenneth Bloomfield KCB (April 1998). Belfast: The Stationery Office Northern Ireland.

Leonard, Jane. (1997) 'Memorials to the Casualties of Conflict: Northern Ireland 1969 to 1997'. Belfast: Northern Ireland Community Relations Council.

Leonard, Jane. (1996) The Culture of War Commemoration. Dublin.

Hamber, Brandon., Kulle, Dorte., and Wilson, Robin. (2001) Report 13 - Future Policies for the Past (February 2001). Belfast: Democratic Dialogue.

Hamber, Brandon. (Ed.) (1998) Past Imperfect: Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland and Societies in Transition. Derry: INCORE / University of Ulster. [Available at INCORE website {external_link}]

McKittrick, David., Kelters, Seamus., Feeney, Brian., and Thornton, Chris. (1999) Lost Lives: The stories of the men, women and children who died as a result of the Northern Ireland troubles. Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing.

Smyth, Marie. and Fay, Marie-Therese. (eds.) (2000) Personal Accounts from Northern Ireland's Troubles: Public Conflict, Private Loss. London: Pluto Press.

Sutton, Malcolm. (1994) Bear in mind these dead ... An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland 1969-1993. Belfast: Beyond the Pale.
[See also the revised and updated Sutton Index of Deaths 1969-2001.]

Wilson, John.P. (1999) A Place and A Name: Report of the Victims Commission. Dublin: Stationery Office.


Other Reports

Northern Ireland Executive Committee (2000) Draft Programme for Government. Belfast: Northern Ireland Assembly.

Boraine, A. et al. (1999) All Truth is Bitter. Belfast: Victim Support Unit Northern Ireland / NIACRO.



Victims Liasion Unit {external_link} of the Northern Ireland Office - Contains a number of reports related to the issue of victims

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