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portfolio 7 - photograph 7
© Copyright Eamon Melaugh
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Title: British Army Sniper (2) [No.F7P7]
Description: The scene at 'barrier 14' before the protest parade reached the area. Just to the left and above of the 'NEWSAGENT' sign is a British Army sniper. This soldier was one of a large number of snipers that were positioned in vantage points around the perimeter of the Bogside area. During the shooting that followed some eyewitnesses claimed that soldiers positioned on the city walls overlooking Rossville Street had fired on the crowd. (see also description for photograph No.F7P3)
Photographer: Eamon Melaugh
Date Taken: Sunday 30 January 1972
Location: William Street, Derry
Copyright: © Eamon Melaugh

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