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portfolio 7 - photograph 8
© Copyright Eamon Melaugh
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Title: Barrier 15 [No.F7P8]
Description: This photograph was taken at 'barrier 15' in lower Waterloo Street before the anti-internment parade on 'Bloody Sunday' reached the area. At this barrier the photographer was threatened by the soldier on the left of the picture. The soldier had threatened to shoot if the photographer did not stop taking photographs. At this point a friend of the photographer, Barney McGuigan, pulled him away and said "You're going to get youself into trouble". Barney McGuigan was shot dead approximately 30 minutes later. (see photographs F7P10 and F7P11)
Photographer: Eamon Melaugh
Date Taken: Sunday 30 January 1972
Location: Waterloo Street, Derry
Copyright: © Eamon Melaugh

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