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Database Search Page

The database contains information on projects, reports, or publications that were funded, in whole or in part, by the Central Community Relations Unit (CCRU). Many of the titles of reports and publications in the database have links to extracts which provide further information.

Search Form
To perform a search of the database:
* select one field to search (by clicking in the circle next to the field name),
* enter your search term in the box below (term need not be exact),
* and then click on the 'search' button.
The keyword(s) search is a free-text search across all the fields.

Title of project
Year in which project began (eg 1998)
Title(s) of related publications
Research themes

View All Database Entries

List of all database entries by project title

List of all database entries by start year of project

List of all database entries by theme of project [see also the list of themes]

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