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Research: Martin Melaugh
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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
Secretary Assembly Executive Departments Committees North- South British- Irish Conference Civic Forum

Programme for Government


Agenda for Government An Agenda of actions to improve and modernise Northern Ireland being taken forward by the Executive over the nine months from June 2000 to March 2001.
British-Irish Council (BIC) The Council promotes the harmonious and mutually beneficial development of relationships among the people of these islands.
BIIGC British Irish Inter-Governmental Conference
The Capitation Formula Review Group The Capitation Formula Review Group is a multi-disciplinary committee comprising Health and Social Services Board and Departmental officials. The Group has been taking forward a programme of work designed to improve the capitation formula, which is used by the Department in allocating resources to Health and Social Services Boards.
DARD Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
DCAL Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure
DE Department of Education
DETI Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment
DFP Department of Finance and Personnel
DHFETE Department of Higher and Further Education, Training and Employment
DHSSPS Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety
DOE Department of the Environment
DRD Department for Regional Development
DSD Department for Social Development
EPFs Executive Programme Funds
EU European Union
EQUAL European Union funding programme to promote new approaches to combating all forms of discrimination and inequality in connection with access to the labour market.
ICT Information and Communication Technology
INTERREG III European Union funding programme to encourage co-operation either side of a national border.
JMC Joint Ministerial Committee
LEADER + European Union funding programme aimed at stimulating rural economies.
New TSN The New Targeting Social Needs policy, through which the Executive is taking forward its commitment to tackling deprivation. The policy recognises and seeks to reduce inequalities in the life experiences of citizens in terms of poverty, health, housing, educational and economic opportunity and disability.
NITB Northern Ireland Tourist Board
NVQ National Vocational Qualification
OFMDFM Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister
PEACE II European Union Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, to reinforce progress towards a peaceful and stable society and to promote reconciliation.
Programme for Government A programme incorporating the Executive's agreed budget linked to policies and programmes which, under the Agreement, is subject to approval by the Assembly, after scrutiny in Assembly Committees, on a cross-community basis.
Public Service Agreements Agreements setting out for each Department its aims, objectives, programme budget allocation and key targets, designed to develop a linking of public funds to the achievement of agreed outcomes.
SMEs Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Strategy 2010 The Report by the Northern Ireland Economic Development Strategy Review Steering Group in March 1999.
URBAN II European Union funding programme to support revitalisation of inner cities.

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CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
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