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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
Secretary Assembly Executive Departments Committees North- South British- Irish Conference Civic Forum

Programme for Government

Draft Programme for Government - Published 25 October 2000



This document sets outs the Executive Committee's proposals for the Programme for Government. The Programme is subject to approval by the Assembly after scrutiny in Assembly Committees, on a cross-community basis. The Executive has asked the Assembly and its Committees to examine the proposals contained in this document.


As part of developing the Programme for Government, work will commence with departments to draw up Public Service Agreements which will include objectives, actions and targets linked to budgets for each department. In the New Year the Executive will present to the Assembly a more detailed Programme for Government incorporating the draft Public Service Agreements. The Assembly will be asked to approve the detailed document.


The Executive has requested that the Assembly Committees provide views on this draft document, particularly on actions which are relevant to the first year of the Programme, so that comments may be considered in taking forward the detailed work on specifying departmental Public Service Agreements, and in helping to reach decisions on the Budget proposals for next year.


The Executive has also invited views on its Programme proposals from the Civic Forum, and would also welcome comments from other bodies and the public. In line with the requirements of Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, the Executive is also consulting on the equality impact of the Programme for Government proposals. A statement on the Equality Impact Assessment is included at Annex B of this document.


It would be very helpful to the Executive in developing its Programme if comments were sent, by 21November 2000, to: Economic Policy Unit, Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Room E5.20 Castle Buildings, Stormont, BELFAST BT4 3SG. Comments can also be sent by email to:


The draft Programme for Government will be further debated by the Assembly in the New Year, when the Public Service Agreements will be incorporated. If there are further comments on the nature of the Programme, relating to 2002/03 and 2003/04, these can be received up to 15 January 2001.

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