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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
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Programme for Government

Draft Programme for Government - Published 25 October 2000


We have great pleasure in presenting to the Northern Ireland Assembly our first draft Programme for Government. This document and the draft Budget document seek the views of the Assembly on the future direction of our work. They demonstrate how the Executive will work together, to seek to make a real difference for the people of Northern Ireland.

The Programme for Government is a central focus of the Executive's work. It is however not intended to be a static document. It is to be reviewed each year. We believe it must develop a great deal in the coming year, as we work together and refine existing policies and programmes and create new ones, tailored to the specific needs of Northern Ireland.

As will be clear from this draft, the key policies can only be delivered successfully if departments work together, across traditional boundaries, to meet the need of the public. Further, we need to work with organisations outside central Government to see how they can contribute to the new direction we are giving. For this reason, we also welcome views on this draft from all interested groups and individuals*.

Help us to achieve the goal of making a difference to the lives of people, enabling us to grow together as a peaceful, fair and inclusive community.


* Details of where to forward comments are given in the next section.

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