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Support in Great Britain

There is a persistent and popular Ulster loyalist tradition in Scotland originating with large-scale Ulster Protestant immigration during the industrial revolution. Shared involvement in loyalist bands and the loyal orders provides the opportunity for regular contact with Ulster loyalists and unionists at marches and parades in both Scotland and Ireland. Scottish bands and lodges often develop a special relationship with a band or lodge in Northern Ireland and exchange visits. This page lists directly political Scottish loyalist sites but Scottish bands and loyal order sites are listed separately on the webpages for Bands and Loyal Orders.

Ulster loyalism in England and Wales is a different matter. There is a persistent Orange tradition in a few key locations, notably in Liverpool, but online support for Ulster loyalism and unionism in England and Wales is dominated by the British far-right. Online contact has facilitated regular visits to Northern Ireland by loyalist sympathisers from Great Britain and over the past few years the British Ulster Alliance has organised a number of trips to Protestant interface areas in Northern Ireland.


Ayrshire Loyal (Cumbria-Fife-Ayrshire Loyalists)
Viewed :2003.* Defunct by 23/7/04.*/

Bellshill Loyalist, Glasgow.
Viewed: 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.
Bridgeton Wombles.
Viewed : 2003.* Defunct by 23/7/04.*/
Burnbank Loyalist.
Viewed: 2002/03. Defunct by 3/03.*/

Glasgow Loyalists. (Later 'Scottish Loyalists')
Viewed: 2002/03;* 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

North Lanarkshire Wombles.
Viewed: 2002/03. Defunct by 3/03.*/http://
Paisley Loyal.
Viewed: 2002/03.* Defunct by 26/7/04.*/
Scottish Loyalists.
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

Scottish Loyalists. (previously 'Glasgow Loyalists')
Viewed: 2002/03;* 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

Scottish Protestant Union.
Viewed: 2003;* 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

UPRG Scotland.
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04. Defunct by 16/3/05.*

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England and Wales

BRUMMIE LOYAL: The Home of the English Loyalist Association.
Viewed: 2003; 23/7/04;* 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

Chelsea Loyalist
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.
Cumbria Loyalists.
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.
English Loyalist. Continued as 'Loyal England'.
Viewed: 29 June, 2001;* 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

Fife Loyalists.
Viewed: 2002/03.Defunct by 26/7/04.*/
Viewed: 2002/03; 26/7/04; 16/3/05. 'Not found' on 21/9/05.

Lincolnshire Loyalists.
Viewed: 2002/03;* 26/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.
Liverpool UDA.
Viewed : 10/3/03.* Defunct by 26/7/04.
Not available in the Internet Archive. Access blocked by current owner of the domain name.
Loyal England. Previously 'English Loyalist'.
Viewed: 23/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.
Mainlander: The Website of the British Ulster Alliance.
Viewed: 2003;* 23/7/04; 16/3/05; 21/9/05.

South Wales BUA (formerly 'Swansea Loyal').
Viewed: 23/7/04.* Defunct by 16/3/05.*

Swansea Loyal (see South Wales BUA) .
Viewed: June 2001.* Defunct by 16/3/05.*

Viewed: 2003. Defunct by 16/3/05.*
Yorkshire Loyalists: the voice of Loyalism and British Nationalism in Yorkshire.
Viewed: 19/12/01; 2003;* 26/7/04. Defunct by 16/3/05.*


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First produced: August 2004
Last updated: 18 March, 2005