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Some of the blogs listed below are more explicitly unionist than others and some are more directly focused on Northern Ireland than others. It includes blogs in which Northern Ireland is only one of several recurring concerns but does not include blogs which only make very occasional reference to Northern Ireland, even if these references display a sympathy for unionist positions. It includes those who broadly identify themselves as unionist, however liberal or conservative that unionism is.

At the begining of 2005 the Young Unionist website was transformed into a weblog, the first blog to be established by any of the political parties in Northern Ireland. It is catalogued on the Political Parties page rather than with the more personal weblogs listed below.

Fair Dealin'
Christopher Stalford
Since Sept. 2004.
Viewed: 31/3/05. Defunct by 21/9/05.
Not available in the Internet Archive as of 21/9/05.

The N.Irish Magyar
Since Sept. 2004.
Viewed: 31/3/05; 21/9/05.
One Angry Man
Since March 2005.
Viewed: 31/3/05; 21/9/05.

A Tangled Web
Andrew McCann and David Vance
Since Jan. 2004.
Viewed: 31/3/05; 21/9/05.

Document information
Author: Niall O Dochartaigh
First produced: March 31, 2005
Updated: 6/4/05; 21/9/05.