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Political organisations and campaigns

The websites listed here vary hugely in the quantity and character of their content. The list does not include the websites of mainstream political parties nor of their local branches or candidates. Some of these sites are the online presence of significant pressure groups while others are the websites of tiny, marginal groups.

FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives).
Viewed: 6/01*; 2003*, 23/7/04; 21/9/05.

Friends of the Union.
Viewed: 03/04.* Defunct by 23/7/04.*/

Irish Unionist Alliance
Viewed: 31/3/05; 21/9/05.
The Long Walk / Real Victims.
Viewed : 10/3/03.* Defunct by 26/7/04.*/

LoveUlster: in association with the Shankill Mirror
Viewed: 7/11/05.

Open Bible Ministries.
Viewed: 23/7/04;* 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

UCAN (Ulster Comunity Action Network).
Viewed: 10/3/03.* Defunct by 23/7/04.*/

Ulster Nation.
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04; 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

Ulster Protestant Movement for Justice.
Viewed : 10/3/03;* 26/7/04; suspended when viewed on 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

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Author: Niall O Dochartaigh
First produced: March 2005
Updated: 21/3/05; 21/9/05; 7/11/05.