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Local and Neighborhood

Loyalist and unionist political and paramilitary organisations have traditionally been highly decentralised. The Ulster Defence Association, for example, originated as an alliance between local vigilante groups and defence associations that emerged in Protestant urban neighborhoods and rural areas in the early 1970s. The Ulster Unionist party allowed a large measure of autonomy to its local branches, one of the reasons why it split so disastrously in the late 1960s and early 1970s. There is often a lack of strong central control and some local websites portray loyalism and unionism in ways that would be unlikely to receive approval at higher levels.

In addition to local loyalist sites the list below includes a number of neighborhood sites focusing on Protestant interface neighborhoods in Belfast. The guestbooks of some of these sites provide a significant new opportunity for hostile communication between contributors from Catholic and Protestant working-class areas in Belfast.

Ballysally Young Loyalists, Coleraine.
Viewed : 2003;* 23/7/04; 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

Cavehill Young Loyalists.
Viewed: 2003;* 23/7/04; 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

This is Cluan place.
Viewed: 10/3/03.* Defunct by 21/3/05.

CRUA (Concerned Residents of Upper Ardoyne).
Viewed: 10/3/03.* Defunct by 26/7/04.*/

East Belfast Concerned Women's Group
Viewed: 16/3/05. Defunct by 21/9/05.*/

Glenbryn: a Community Under Siege.
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04. Defunct by 21/3/05.

Greater Glenbryn Community Initiative.
Viewed: 10/3/03;* 26/7/04; 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

Portadown District Orange Lodge No. 1 Civil Rights Website.
Viewed: 27/7/04; 21/3/05.*/
By September 2005 the website had moved to the new URL below, dropped the 'Civil Rights' part of the title and been transformed into a straightforward Orange Lodge site.
Viewed: 21/9/05.

Portadown Loyalist News.
Viewed: 23/7/04;*21/3/05; 21/9/05.

Protestant Interface Network.
Viewed: 23/7/04;* 21/3/05.

Shore Road Loyalists.
Viewed: 2003.* Defunct by 26/7/04.
Not available in the Internet Archive

The Tigersbay Website (formerly 'The Official Tigersbay Website').
Viewed: 2003;* 26/7/04; 21/3/05; 21/9/05.

West Tyrone Concerned Protestants.
Viewed: 2002/03.* Defunct by 3/03.
Not available in the Internet Archive

Whitecity under attack.
Viewed: 2002/03;* 26/7/04; 21/9/05.
Viewed: 26/7/04; 21/9/05.



Document information
Author: Niall O Dochartaigh
First produced: August 2004
Last updated: March 21, 2005; 21/9/05.